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Small Marketing and Distribution Company
Multiple data entry was time consuming and a source of problems. We're a small distributor of specialty, custom cut fabric goods. Sales wrote orders and generated a pick list for the warehouse. Warehouse created shipping orders. Sales used shipping document to create invoices All manual procedures. Because Read more...
Fashion Wholesaler/Retailer
As a wholesaler and retailer of fashions, we face some special challenges. First, we must carry a large variety of fashions and styles, and we must be able to track them by SKU, bar code, size & style. Second, because fashions change quickly, constant awareness of the age of our inventory is critical to profitability. Read more...
Food Processor/Distributor
Regulations in our industry dictate that we closely track inventory by age, batch, and distribution. Recalls are rare, but when they happen, we must react quickly. DEAR Systems gives us all these capabilities and more. It has improved our inventory management, expedited our shipments, shortened the billing/payment cycle and Read more...
Small Manufacturing Company
Our business involves manufacturing and assembly. Because of the customer specifications we must meet, we require certification of certain materials that we purchase and use in the manufacturing process. With DEAR Systems, we have a bill of materials capability that allows us to match materials lot certifications Read more...

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Shopify, Magento and ebay retailers integrate DEAR Systems for more than just managing their inventories. DEAR Inventory provides features that give you information you need to manage costs and maximize profitability – Shipstation part of your fulfillment operation? Connect it with DEAR Inventory to speed the process.




From processes as straightforward as Bill of Materials to matching raw materials certifications to manufacturing lots, DEAR Inventory offers the features of expensive enterprise software in a format that employees understand and embrace.


For those with wholesale and/or retail distribution, DEAR Inventory provides important functions including invoices, stock adjustments, multiple price levels, customer discounts, customer history and more.




Retailers with a many SKU’s and limited quantities per SKU or retailers with perishable inventories find the costing and aging features that DEAR Systems provides as part of its basic system helps them promote aging items to minimize the cost of markdown or disposal.



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